Dr. Tim Smith D.C.

New Life Chiropractic

"Stress Less for Better Health"

10:00 am

Understanding the 3 stresses that affect health and the natural solution to helping the body better adapt to those stresses. 

Dr. Tim Smith is a doctor of chiropractic born and raised in California. After watching his grandfather suffer, and eventually lose his life, from cancer and then only a few years later lost his father to heart disease he made it his mission to not allow that to happen to any other families. He has made it his life mission to educate the public on real heal and to the transformation of people’s health through the power of chiropractic and healthy living. He now helps hundreds of families every week prevent, correct and reverse the causes of pain, disease, and dysfunction. He is certified in nutrition, fitness, detoxification, and advanced spinal correction and continues to travel around the country to learn all of the latest techniques and research within the profession.  Armed with this research and training, Dr. Tim speaks throughout the community helping people regain their health and change their lives for the better.          

May 9, 2020

 Neyborly Midtown

 817 16th Street

 Sacramento, CA 95814

September 19, 2020

 Sacramento State University

 University Union

 6000 J Street

 Sacramento, CA 95819


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