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Our mission is to help change the world to be a unity as it was meant to be since day one. There is no judgment here it is not allowed. We have people from all walks of life here working together with the same mission ( Let’s change our Globe).


Let’s make our planet a better place for our children.

Let’s make it a better place for our own future. 

We have speakers coming from all around the world helping to share their stories and knowledge on how we can change emotionally, physically, financially, and my personal favorite, spiritually. 

You will be surprised by the people that will surround you. It’s not just a place for people who are enlightened or just for business people, or even political people. Last year we had a mayoral candidate and an assemblyman helping support our mission speaking about how we can change. 

Many people around the world think about how they can be a part of the change that is needed. Well, here is a huge place you can volunteer, donate, or just simply support us. 

Be a sponsor to help support a mission that is changing the world! It’s something that you can go to sleep at night and feel good about what you did. 

All of our Foundation's proceeds go to extra help to support people and create life purpose centers around the world. We have already helped thousands and thousands of people to not just find sanctuary, but to finally be on the road to rehabilitation, true healing emotionally, spiritually, financially, and physically.


So many people need your help and we cannot do this without you.


We look forward to seeing you at our event and helping to support the people who have been sending their prayers out into the universe. Asking for someone to be their angel to protect them, to save them in this life.

Talk @ 5:00 pm


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House of Angels Foundation understands that it takes a village to raise a child. So, we need to help to heal the villagers first!"

May 9, 2020

 Neyborly Midtown

 817 16th Street

 Sacramento, CA 95814

September 19, 2020

 Sacramento State University

 University Union

 6000 J Street

 Sacramento, CA 95819


13389 Folsom Blvd, #163

Folsom, CA 95630

P: (916) 930-0781

E: globehealingexpo@gmail.com

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